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07 / 2022  -  07 / 2023

The Dark Side of Immersive Retailing: Emotional responses and impulsive buying through VR shopping experiences

HK$ 250,000, StartUp Fund
Principal Investigator, Supported by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (UGC) 

This research project is challenging the notion that immersive retail technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is an effective tool. Much of the previous research in the retailing and marketing sectors focused on the positive aspects of immersive technology. However, the immersive shopping environment may have detrimental effects if it is not designed well, such as promoting impulsive buying. Focusing on the most unique characteristics of immersive technology, the ability to make a fantasy come true, this project will enhance understanding of key areas that have not been explored in the previous literature.

07 / 2020  -  06 / 2023

K-Lifestyle Co-Creation of Young Vietnamese Consumers: Focused on Millennials and Z generation

KRW 240,000K (≈ HK$ 1,550,000), Global Joint Research Program
Co-I, Supported by National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea. 

This research investigates how K-lifestyle spreads and evolves among young consumers in Vietnam. In the first and second years, the research will focus on the understanding of consumption behaviors of Vietnamese MZ generations in terms of how and why they adopt and consume Koreanness. Building on the in-depth understanding of the market, the third-year research will explain how the consumption and experience of Koreanness lead to the consequence that K-lifestyle is reshaped and permeated in their lives. Diverse technological applications will be tested in consideration of the MZ generation of Vietnamese consumers. Overall, this research will explain the phenomenon of the consumption of Koreannnes in developing Southeast Asian markets and seeks to build strategies for sustainable global competitiveness.

05 / 2022  -  06 / 2022

Differentiation strategy for online commerce platforms

KRW 10,000K (≈ HK$ 70,000), Industry-funded research project
Co-I, Supported by Lotte Home shopping and Korea Distribution Association 

In this industry-funded research project I explored targeting strategies for online commerce platforms by conducting a review to differentiate the comprehensive mall from rapidly growing platforms such as open market and vertical commerce.

03 / 2021  -  02 / 2022

Extended Reality for Global Fashion Business: The effect of Korean wave experience through AR/VR on brand equity and brand perception of Asian consumers

KRW 45,000K (≈ HK$ 310,000), Postdoctoral Fellowship
Principal Investigator, Supported by National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea. 

The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of Hallyu cultural content and Korean fashion brand experiences on global consumers' responses through extended reality technology. More specifically, I investigated the effect of Korean fashion and cultural experiences through extended reality media, such as VR/AR, on the perception of Korean fashion brands. This project revealed effective strategies for reaching global consumers by identifying differences in responses between Korean consumers and global consumers in Asia. Psychological distance and perceived risk were considered as mediators to explain the mechanism by which extended reality technology leads to consumer response. 

03 / 2017  -  02 / 2020

Virtual Product Experience: The Effect of Product Presentation using Virtual Reality Technology on Consumers’ Cognitive/Affective Information Processing and Shopping Experience

KRW 90,000K (≈ HK$ 620,000), Global Ph.D. Fellowship
Principal Investigator, Supported by Ministry of Education & NRF of Korea

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of virtual reality in product presentation on consumer responses. This research project achieved the following objectives: 1) elicited the type and characteristics of product presentation using VR, 2) identified the effect of VR product presentation on cognitive/affective information processing, attitudes toward products, and behavioral responses of consumers, and 3) revealed the effect of information format and individual differences on information processing in a VR environment.

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