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Fashion Retail Innovation Lab

The Fashion Retail Innovation Lab (FRIL) conducts research to deepen our understanding of the fashion retail environment and retail technologies' impacts on consumer information processing and consumer behavior.


FRIL is led by Dr. Juyeun Jang, a research assistant professor in the School of Fashion and Textiles at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her primary research focuses on immersive retailing using advanced technology such as virtual reality and its impact on consumers’ information processing and behavioral response for developing creative retail environments and business strategies. She also has carried out innovative and practical research projects to investigate the impact of on/offline environments on consumers’ cognitive/affective and psychophysiological responses (eye-tracking, heart rate, muscle activities, etc.).

Areas of Specialization


Store environment design and management,

and strategic retail marketing practices

Virtual Reality

The impact of new technologies including virtual reality (VR)
and augmented reality (AR) on fashion shopping


Media communication method and its effects

on fashion consumer behavior


Explore the creative thinking and behavior of consumers, 

nurturing creativity through fashion education


Investigate the human information processing mechanism

to understand fashion information and its impact


Global consumers' affective/cognitive responses 

in the rapidly changing market

News & Events #01

Fashion Visual Merchandising Projects Exhibition 

In this student-driven exhibition, you can experience virtual 3D mock-up stores made by PolyU SFT students in the Fashion Visual Merchandising class of 2023/24 (Semester 1). Please visit and experience innovative fashion store designs through VR devices.

News & Events #02

Best Paper Award 2022 at KODIA Fall Conference 

Dr. Jang won the best paper award with an oral presentation at the 2022 Korea Distribution Association Fall Conference. The award-winning study is about the role of social media as a socialization agent for the Korean culture assimilation of Vietnamese consumers.

News & Events #03

How to evoke consumer approach intention toward VR stores? 

Dr. Jang won the 11th YOUNGONE Rising Scholar Award, supported by the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles (KSCT) and sponsored by Youngone Trading Co., Ltd. She was invited to speak at the 2021 KSCT Spring Conference about her paper: "How to evoke consumer approach intention toward VR stores? Sequential mediation through telepresence and experiential value." 

Laboratory Life

Tel : +852 2766 6492

Email : juyeun.jang@polyu.edu.hk

Room ST723, Core S, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong